Monday, December 17, 2007

The Promtay!

PROMTAY @ KL TOWER [15th of December]

promtay = prom + party!

ah well.. it's not exactly a prom, but a wild party!! everyone dressed up formally but danced wildly! woo-hoo! for me, it's like clubbing! hahaha xD If I knew it earlier, then I wont be wearing my 3'' heels! GOSH! I don't wear high heels okayy? this is my 2nd time in my life wearing heels.. somemore have to danced for almost 4 hours!! nah, I know you guys will laugh at me.. I'm a girl who doesn't wear heels? yeah, I like to jump here jump there.. err.. you can call me hyperactive! therefore, flat shoes are my best friends!

okayy... don't want to talk rubbish already.. enjoy the photos peoples!! (=

private event!

the crowd!

I spot John Kwan Kah Yip!! LOL

Joey G!

he's the DJ of the day..

warning: from now on, please ignore my face! I don't know why I kept on sweating.. =X

with the hot babe, Kelle..

with chubbykins, Ikmal

with Joey G

with sweetie pie, Amanda

with the weirdo, Kamil =P

with the gorgeous babe, Kai Sze

with the dancing wood, Bryant..
the way he danced was damn funny!! HAHAHAHH!!

with the model of Colgate, Kar Yee

with dancing wood's girl, Jo Dee

with the sweetie, Chia Sing

with the tall tall girl, Ee Leng

with my last minute partner, Abdullah.
I called it last minute because I knew him at 9pm and he started to be my partner at 9.30pm..

with the sweetie pie, Keng Sein
she looks so hot without spec!!

with one of the senior of mine!

with the so called 'brother' of mine, Yew Jin

with Carmen

with my sayang, Syafiq

with the dunno-what-is-his-name-guy..

with Abdullah again..

wee.. with the sayangs! Syafiq's wearing braces, too!! =P

the prom queen and the proud boyfriend

I spot dancing wood with his girl!!!

the shy parents of mine..

another family portrait..

my favourite picture of the day:

this picture will complete if Mei Yean's there.. =(

and this is how my dress looks like..

okayy.. about the last post, I wont bother bout it anymore! and now is two days after prom.. I should have update my blog on Saturday's night.. but I didn't.. hmm.. just because I'm


1. I argued with my mom because she last minute stopped me from going to Singapore.

2. Because I can't go to Singapore, my 13 years old cousin, Alicia have to go there by herself.

3. Her reason was unacceptable!

4. I prepared everything n packed everything.

5. I didn't eat for 41 hours and I locked myself in the room!

6. I'm having fever+ flu+ cough and no one cares bout me! even the parents and bf of mine!

7. My bf dumped me and he treated me as a toy.

8. I'm still emo because I'm still sick! I hate it!!


Berberboo said...

shit dear... u look so hot in that dress!!! WOOT... haha

cheer up okay? i also emo emo this few days... but have to recover also la... sighs...

take care dearieeee.... =D

SimpleJoshua said...

So so so sorry........
i was in Brunei since Saturday morning. was suppose to be back in KL for promtay but i didn't manage to. I am so so sorry. Hasn't heard from you since that night. I was waiting for your blog to be updated so i could know how much fun you had.

still you look totally gorgeous in that dress... told you that you have to wear whatever we've discussed...

*wishing to be there so I could have a dance with you*

anywayz... i am sorry... hope you would reply my text soon...
take carez...

i have an important presentation later...

Karena said...

berberboo: thanks babe! alrite.. both of us cheer up k? =)

joshua: hey you! u ffk 1 laaa.. hahah.. its okay anyway.. im not tat kecil hati k? =P

M'eLLe said...

u luk hot in your dress... of course larr... we picked for u wor!!! haha.. ur bf is stupid for treating u wrongly .. he is dumb for not appreciating u..k? so dun gt sad over it.. hes; not worth it

da classy beyotche said...

awesome party. u r rite.. if may yean turn up... It will be a blast!