Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today's birthday boy:

~!!~ Bryant Koh Tien Wei ~!!~

yeah.. today is his 16th birthday! went out with him on 19th.. went to leisuremall for movie then at night bought foods to his place and celebrated with him.. and gosh! I reached home at 2am! We did lots of random and lame stuff together.. well, I just want my friends to be happy.. =)

because we are lame, we picked free tickets somewhere around the bus station..

because we are random, we bought lots of foods.

hokkien mee tak mau mee but guai diu/kuey tiao which means hokkien guai diu [福建粿条] , siu mai [烧卖] , fried chicken, roti telur and burger DOUBLE special from Ramly.. and we get free muffins from Kenny Rogers.. =) okay lets forget bout the fat and calories.. ha ha ha! well, we can't finish the foods and we asked his brother to finished it! LOL

during the 12.01 am:

6 muffins and 16 candles!

at least he's happy for awhile.. =)

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