Wednesday, January 23, 2008

[19th of January, Saturday]

went to Subash with Pei Pei, Ikmal, Lee Keong and Chee Hoe.. class ended at 4pm.. headed to Midvalley after that.. Thanks Ikmal's mommy for sending me to KTM station! (=

Ikmal Edris..

bumped into Sook Foon and her boyfriend.. it's my first time seeing her Mr.Tan though.. while waiting for the movie to start.. I saw both of them at the 2nd floor? yeah yeah yeah, I'm a stalker, so...

hohoho! =P

[22nd of January, Tuesday]

went to Subash again with Pei Pei and Ikmal for Chemistry and Physics classes..

Yup, her name is Liew Pei Pei and my name is Cheow Wei Wei.. we sit together in the class.. sometimes teachers call me Liew Wei Wei and call her Cheow Pei Pei.. LOL!

us.. (=


da classy beyotche said...

thanks for da pic..

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froggie said...

cool... great details of your current classmates.

Message from singapore erig.. call me froggie.. :P