Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007 Review Tags...

1. Happiest moment?

- spent time with my friends and him.

2. Saddest moment?

- broke up with him..

3. The most memorable moment?

- stayed with him for 3 days 2 night.. and 1 night before going back, he hugged me tightly and cried because he said he's gonna miss me..

4. The most happening incident?
- forgot! =X

5. Things that you've learn this year?

- think twice before you talk
- appreciate peoples who care about you

6. Weirdest thing?

- My father who seldom contact me start to calls me everyday!

7. The most unforgettable things you saw?

- I have no idea.. =X

8. The fact that you had finally accepted/agreed

- appearance is not important!

9. Best event?

- I don't knowwwwwww~

10. Peoples who plays an extremely important role in your life so far?

- TBC and my best friends [you know who you are] by showing me the true meaning of friendships and giving me all the trust and support
- him

11. Things that you hope to achieve in 2008?
- study harder!
- change my bad habits and attitudes!
- stop arguing with my mom
- sleep more
- grow taller and lose weight?
- spend more times with him and TBC
- be more independent
- give a special present for all the members in TBC
- a trip with TBC

12. 5 Things that you sincerely hope that will be a reality in 2008?
- own all the bearbricks!
- him stay in Malaysia
- stay with TBC
- see him everyday
- mommy understands me

13. Tag 5 persons

- Melanie
- Mei Yean
- Kay Yan
- Amber


Joshua said...

all the best to you in 2008... :)
it has been a pleasure talking to you in 2007...
hope all your hopes would become reality...

smile smile smile...
you're tall enough... and to add on to that... you're still young... you still have plenty of CMs to grow...

sincerely hoping you would be alright... been missing you on msn lately.. wonder where have you disappeared to... ^_^

Benghan said...

Want to see bearbricks? I have a friend who collect this.

Karena said...

joshua: im not tall enuff okay? -,- my target 173 la.. 5 more cm! =(

benghan: thanks for sharing! =)

Joshua said...

don't la so tall...
if you reach that...
you wear 2 inch heel... i also scared to go near you already ler...

Karena said...

for ur info, i dun wear heels.. =)