Monday, January 28, 2008

[23rd of January, Wednesday]

was rushing up my homework.. Karangan is killing me! teacher called us to write 4 pages! well, I tried.. but failed.. I ended up with 3 pages! longest essay in my life! (=

[24th of January, Thursday]

we had green house practice at 2.30.. Pei Pei came over my place and she cooked for me! oh well, she's the chef in her family.. so, of course better than Miss Tan Mei Yean.. =P

we had seaweed noodles for lunch..

and this is how I look after running for 2 rounds..

the lazy peoples...

my house's teacher damn 'yeng'..

for your information, my school is the only gov. school in Malaysia with a stadium..

big big big field..

long long long track..

after that, went to Account's class at Martin.. met Pooi Mun and the gang.. (=

Pooi Mun..

[25th of January, Friday]

today I brought camera to school.. yeah yeah yeah, I'm not a good student.. but who gives a damn? LOL! it was my friends last day of school.. more than 10 peoples brought camera to school laa.. hohoho!


my 1st valentine present from Azariq..

Leong Lee Keong..


Anis =)





everyone skipped class to SPBT and 'ke poh'..

Yuen Tung..

The love birds..


Abdullah.. he used to bully me a lots!

Aaron Yap..

Chin Nee..

Wing Hong..

and I received a card from Wai Ping.. =)

Ashraff, Syafiqah, Farahin and Zhariff..
Zhariff is the guy who calls me 'lou po zai' in the class..




another pair of love birds..

Azariq and Ihwan..

In S.A.C. enjoying air-cond..

physics lab..


candid 1

candid 2

she's pretty! but too bad, she's taken! =)


again and again.. =P

after school, stayed back and waited for Jeremy they all.. they had basketball training and they trained afternoon session's students.. o.O


I'm so envy because he can drives!


Gary drove us to yum cha.. =)

[26th of January, Saturday]

went to Subash for Biology and Add Maths class.. bumped into 2 of my leng lui ex-seniors, Kar Yee and Lee Li.. Kar Yee looked kinda stress though..


after tuition went to Pavilion for movie and someone gave me this:



MCBLURRY said...

hey karena! thanks! lovely blog! nice pictures eyh? wt camera u using? looks like you're a dedicated blogger. lolz!

Joshua said...

ehhh ehhh!!!!
i am not the first to comment this time...
too much work load!!! ARGH!!!
TIRED... still in the office doing work... darn...

four pages??? try doing uni assignments... they come by thousands of words... oh well... you're just in form 4 now... haha

wait for me ya... smth coming up VERY soon...
when is it our turn to take pics ler... darn... *jealous*

oh well... you're always out having fun when you keep telling me you're that BUSY...

Karena said...

yeaa.. i love to blog! =) erm, I'm using Sony Cybershot T100..

yala yala.. im still in form 4! still young! =P

Anonymous said...

jiejie... my skoool tooo have a stadium u know??

Joshua said...

you're growing OLDER SOON!!!!

anis said...

hello dude..
you so cute babe!!

desmond law said...

Where do you get the picture, capture from the top of our school and the field picture? I think that's at the friendster.

But do you know you all stole mine picture? I really surprise that my picture appear at your blog. Jeremy stole from me ok! But this picture kinda famous.

Anyways it's not my copyright, cause I didn't register it. Your blog kinda interesting. Keep up blogging!

Karena said...

hey hey hey! u'r cute babe! (:

[desmond law]
get it from ur fs la.. LOL! promoting our sku wat.. hohoho!