Sunday, January 6, 2008

[4th of January, Friday]

it was the 2nd day of school and school ended at 12.30pm! I have an appointment with dentist at 3.30pm.. Jeremy and Andrew teman me and walked to that place.. it's somewhere near my place and it took us 10 minutes to reached there.. we crapped for 3 hours non-stop and they caused me late for the appointment!

The dentist tightens my braces,
new wires and new bands,
and along with that,
comes a toothache and gum ache!
everything, ache - ache - ACHE!

after the appointment, I went to py's house and visited her! her house's just opposite the dental clinic.. GOSH! I miss her damn much! well, I actually went to her house to sleep! LOL

I'm not naked!

[5th of December, Saturday]

daddy and momma going out for dinner with their friends and I don't feel like joining.. So, I went to py's house AGAIN! =) her house's quite near my place.. that's why~~

we makan at mamak.. we ate a lots! roti telur and maggie goreng! LOL

I'm having toothache but I still want to eat! food is important to me! ngek ngek ngek! =P

blah blah blah pic at playground:

I just realize that my camera effect is quite cool.. o.O

sisters for life! =)

by the way, thanks Ikmal for the souvenir! =)


danielctw said...

It's so good to have friends around to camwhore :) treasure it even after school :)

Joshua said...

you see la...
wanna lose weight and all but still food food food...
how to lose weight???

Karena said...

danielctw: yeaa.. tats y i love my frens so much! =D

joshua: haiyoo.. my diet plan failed! LOL

Joshua said...

diet plan...
don't need la...
you're like what... 16 this year???
diet what la...
enjoy it while your body still can take it...

how to go tall if you've no food??

Karena said...

joshua: excuse me, I 15 not 16 okay?