Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What the fish?

I was shocked when I read about ''Edison Chen & Gillian Chung & Bobo Chen's Sex Scandal Photos'' from the newspaper.. I surfed the net and checked whether it's true or not.. I found their nude photos.. I don't know.. the photos look so real to me.. Edison and Gillian said the photos are fake..

well, at least they didn't use Lingam's famous quote,

'' Looks like me, sounds like me, but 100% not me ''

*photo deleted*

the after censored photos.. I saw the original photos.. and of course I'm not going to post it up.. Edison said he lost his phone before.. maybe the one who spread these photos is the one who stole his phone? no matter what, that person is a


so, what do you think?

no matter it's true or, myself and I 100% support Edison Chen! =)

if everything is true, so what? They are human being, right? They can do whatever they want to do, right? It's not like they are the one who show it to the world! they are the victims!

if everything is fake, then the sonofthebeachdotmartafarkingdotasshoubastard who spread the photos should go and die..

well, no offense.. it's just my own opinion!


c.i.L.y said...

my lovely edison.. hikhikk...
but i dun care.. agree. he is still a human being. so what..

Karena said...

yea! i support eddie! =P

Boon Kheng said...

I still rmb the nude photos involving Disney High School Musical actors..

So to avoid falling into deep shit NEVER CREATE SUCH A MATERIAL(S) xDxD

Aaron said...

lol your post is great.. funny with the lingam quote

Fluxevz said...

this teach us a lesson, 'think before u snap'

danny said...

We all have sex so what's the big deal? I can never understand why when celebrity has sex it becomes a big issue. What about all the things that go on when we go clubbing? worst actually..........

Karena said...

[boon kheng]
u mean vanessa? hahah.. i saw the pic too.. =X

hahah.. thank q thank q~ =)

yea.. think b4 snap! LOL

yeaa.. i dunno la.. nowdays people memang like dis 1.. hmmm...

x said...

well, true of fake it is their business, but if it is fake , the bastard or butch should pay for what they done is so rude said...

hey there..
personally i dont really trust the photos... nowadays so many people photoshopping their pic and put them together.. to create an illusion that they are together in reality -_-" and the person who creates this kind of photos.. must be really lame.. and has nothing better to do...

Anonymous said...

Just because they're humans doesn't mean they can do whatever they want. They're humans, but they are in the public's eye as idols. It's not professional as an idol to take pictures like these.

ikmaledris said...

i think its really them.
They give stu*** crap excuses..
I heard bout this before..
Artist nowadays donno how to control them self..

sori coz i tease ur beloved edison :p

Karena said...

[x], [eripang]
well.. its not fake.. check out 2day's newspaper..

hmm.. but we can't control them,right? =X

well, its okay la.. no matter wat.. i 100% support him! =)

Anonymous said...

Most people on this web site think Edison Chen is an idiot!