Saturday, January 19, 2008

I know, I know! my blog is dying! hmmp! but what to do larhh? yours truly is tired, busy and a little bit lazy! lmao..

To do list:

  • Biology note
  • Add Maths
  • Maths
  • Karangan
  • Komsas
  • History note
  • Tatabahasa
  • History exercises
  • Literature
  • Chemistry

wtf kan?

[Friday, 18th of January]

it was a lovely yet memorable day.. after school I went back to my ex school and visited my darlings and friends! the 1st question they asked when they saw me was

''eh, why you cut your hair?''


''you moved to which school?''


well, as usual, I'm lazy... so peoples, enjoy the photos, alright? muackss for all of you! (=

mamak session with them..

they bought me flaaaaa-vers! see! told you they love me! =P

the helmet jeh of mine love this photo..

cheeeer practice..

my helmet jeh.. (=



random peoples..

Sabrina! she's in love!! O.O

somehow, I look like a GIANT here.. -.-''

Jaclyn Victor Christopher

Nurul Atiqah binti Roslan! see! I remember your full name! =)

Asyura.. I really really hope this's not the last time seeing you..

karmen looks cute here.. LOL

bumped into Suk Leng outside the school..

Jaclyn's pepper

PY's Fluffy

Random photos @ PY's house:

oh sheet.. I just realize that I look short with baju kurung! I look like a 160cm girl! =(
I'm 169cm okay?

this is how we look like when we just woke up..
trust me, PY's place is nice to sleep and fart! =X

mamak again! we have no choice, peoples! it's the nearest from her place!

see! told you I look damn short in baju kurung! maybe I should stop wearing baju kurung and start to wear pinafore to school? LOL!


LivingSouL said...

I've posted something about Love and relationship. It might help.. hehe

3 Responsibilities of a Man in a Relationship

Joshua said...

seen shorter girls with baju kurung la...
stop complaining about your height... you DOINK!!!!

as usual, you had fun with PY... glad you did... don't wannt hear you complaining about how bad your wekend is and etc etc

then again, i do miss school... alot of memories looking through your pics... hahaha

awww... you got flowers... wonder when would i be able to give you... ^_^

your to - do - list is RATHER long and still stacking...

FengY said...

i miss the good old days! hahaha :D

♥babyshazhu♥ said...

ala..... is ur flower miee????

Karena said...

[Living SouL]
huh? o.O suddenly only.. LOL!

valentine day is coming! buy me red roses! 99 tau? LOL!

dah miss sku ke? =D

pink colour tat 1 urs ma.. -.-

Joshua said...

valentine ah???
no problem...
999 rose also can...
our birthday also haven't celebrate lo...

Karena said...

999? u sure onot? O.O
i dunwan fake 1 ahhh~

Joshua said...

do you know fake ones are more expensive than real ones? ^_^

but then again... SETTLE the birthday thing first before talking about valentines