Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I received a lots of calls from my friends and they called me not to cut my hair short! so, did I cut my hair short? I don't know~ If you wanna know, please scroll down..


















from this long

to this short

yes peoples, I cut my hair short!

bye bye long hair~

don't miss my long hair, peoples! =D

Countdown @ The Curve [31st of December]

after cutting my hair, I went home to changed then took LRT to Masjid Jamek station.. Weng Hong waited for me at Burger King which located beside the station.. after that, we took Putra train to Kelana Jaya.. 11 stations, peoples!

we lepak at MPH while waiting for Simon and Melanie.. ignore my eye circles! I didn't sleep.. =X

I feel so ''light and easy'' with my short hair.. xD

with my leng lui ah sou Melanie a.k.a. sister in law..

fireworks time!!

look like rambutan, right?

the lovebirds.. =)

stalker.. =P

goh, this is what happen if your sis is a stalker and also a blogger.. =P

after sending his friends home, we lepak at his room.. they complaint that I talked toooo loud.. soweeeee~ we rested a while before going for supper.. ah sou was so so so tired and she has to drove back alone!

see! my goh is so tired but he still sent me home.. best bro ever! =)

Simon, Weng Hong and me.. =)

the goh and the mui..


thanks for the belated present, goh! =D

I wanna thanks goh for sending me back in the middle of the night and thanks for the supper!


thanks Weng Hong for accompanied me for the whole day! hope your mom never scolds you lar! =)



Joshua said...

wenghong can teman you the whole day...
wished i could have accompany you too...

you look absolutely good in your "shorter" hair...
its not really short hair though...
huggies... :)

nitey nitez... work tomorrow...

**Chia Xin** said...

jiejie!! u look sexy with ur hair short... wakakaka!!

~ur muimui~

da classy beyotche said...

laa. I didnt know u cut ur hair. Couldnt see da different..
Still, I like ur hair!!

Comment my blog la mak cik :)

Karena said...

joshua: its short hair okay? SHORT ENUFF! LOL..

chiaxin: thanks sis~ =)

da classy beyotche: u tak de hati la! panggil saye mak cik! ishhhh!

Joshua said...

it looks shorter... but it aint call a short hair... ^_^

Karena said...

joshua: watevaaaaa~