Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jay Chow is coming to town!

Santa Claus Jay Chow is coming to town! woo-hoo!!

oh well, I'm not a super fan of him but I'm looking forward for his movie, ''Kung Fu Dunk''.. Jay and other stars of the movie are coming to 1 Utama on this Saturday! anyone going?

honestly, I'm so excited about this movie.. NO! not because of Jay Chow! it's because of Wilson Chen Bo Lin! (陈柏霖) don't cha think that he's hot and cute? =)

walaubagaimanapun, Edison Chen (陈冠希) is still the best! I love him since I'm in standard 5.. and now I'm in form 4! 6 years already! hohoho! don't play play, peoples! =P



c.i.L.y said...

*envy envy envy*
i wanna see jay chow...

Karena said...

i tot u love leehom? o.O