Sunday, February 3, 2008

[31st of January, Thursday]

Parrot sent me to Account class.. lated for 30 minutes? and Eunice was there.. =)

my personal assistant who didn't did her job well.. Amanda is better than her! =P

Soo Kuan.. =)

[1st of February, Friday]

it was Hari Wilayah Persekutuan, public holiday.. but yours truly went to school to helped teacher and decorated the PPDa room.. supposed to reach there at 8 but I reached at 8.45.. =X

I was acting.. =P

keranda.. LOL

after that went back to my house and changed and rush to TS to met up with Manda.. I lated for 50 minutes and I promised to treat her Starbucks!

she'll never mad at me..

headed to Sungai Wang to get our drinks and we saw some local stars.. Danny Wan was there and Amanda is one of his fans so....... wasted 2 hours for her!

there's an very awkward moment.. all the fans allow to give flowers to their idol and one of them lated for the event so her friend called me to go up to the stage and give it to one of the singer..


by the way, I changed my clothes for some reason.. Thanks God as I brought extra cloth..

Michael.. =)

he's the singer who received my flowers.. LOL!

Pui Yee came over and joined us for lunch.. gosh! I miss her so much! I love to bitching around with her!

in mua room...

[2nd of February, Saturday]

today I damn damn damn happy because I can see the peoples that I love! =) had History class and Econ class in the morning with Pui Yee, Manda and Pei Pei..

spotted this guy in the magazine.. Wu Zhun + Edison Chen..

hot, eh?

before going to Subush class.. had Starbucks session at Queen Park.. treated Manda Java Chips..

Shaun Chow in Subash! O.O!!

and she joinned us for tuition! weeeee! I love her! =)

check out our hair.. =P

TVXQ angpao packet from Epop Magazine..

and the leng zai is in magazine, again!!

he does looks like my Edison Chen in this pic.. =P

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