Tuesday, February 5, 2008

[3rd of February, Sunday]

had dinner with papa's side family members.. everyone came with their parents or children.. me? A-L-O-N-E!! my papa's not in KL and my mom doesn't like my papa and also his family.. so... yeahh..

miss her? the Miss Amber Chia Cheow

and also Miss Alicia Loke?

the cousins..

erm.. we're quite random and lame.. LOL


[4th of February, Monday]

After school, Tan Tan came over my place, again.. we did random stuff and laugh laugh laugh non-stop! LOL! I love you la Tan Tan! =)



Joshua said...

randomness never seem to be out of your system...
how have you been lately?

Joshua said...

i miss pics of amber also!!!!
she's plain adorable!!!!

Karena said...

hahaha! im great i guess.. and these few days i will be staying with amber! =)

M'eLLe said...

have dinner??? ooo... at ss2... rite??? so fun larr... cn b wif cousin... my cousin now still in singapore.. damn larr.. i miss her.. I MISS U!!1

Joshua said...

JEALOUS!!! i wanna go out with amber also...

huggies... hope things are good for you ya...
waiting for that one day ya

t3ss4 said...

hi there pretty karena :) it's been a long time since I last dropped by... specially now that my PC is turning off by itself. huhu.

you seem like you are having fun. cute pics :) still pretty ^__^

btw, I have an award for you on my blog. do check your name in each award ^__^ take care :) stay happee :)


Karena said...

not ss2 laa.. i miss u too babe! n i miss mai too! hahahahah!

slowly wait laaaaa.. :p

hey babe! u'r always the best la! love u! (: