Thursday, February 14, 2008

8 Random Facts About Myself

Tagged by Jonathan

All I have to do is just to crap random 8 stuffs about myself and pass the baton. So, who's up for it?

  1. I don't like pink colour.
  2. I take 45 minutes to shower.
  3. I will order either roti telur with kari ikan or maggie goreng kosong and milo ais only when I go to mamak stall.
  4. I have two mothers, two fathers, four grandfathers and four grandmothers.
  5. I won't pack my schoolbag 1 day before school. I pack it 10 minutes before school.
  6. I'm from heritage of Thai and Japanese but I can't speak both of the languages.
  7. Peoples think I'm a Malay.
  8. I used to had 9 babysitters.

So. Here it is. Who shall I tag?

  1. feel
  2. free
  3. to
  4. do
  5. it

to Jon:

you better treat me a lunch because I'm doing your tag at 4.09am! :p


Jon Chu said...

Blek! HAHAA...

Nah. Lunch for you. XD

Joshua said...

but pink is soooo NICE on you... still i guess orange is a more matching color with you???

45mins to shower? 45mins shower are more like baths... hahaha but then again... i guess its good because you're CLEAN!!!!

maggie gorengkosong... means totally nothing|? not even egg? then how come you order roti telur?
milo ais? hmm... MY FAV drink...
kakaka.. either hot choc, choc milkshake, milo ais or milo shake...
chocolates all the way...

i have 1 mother, 1 father... and another step father who has DISAPPEARED.... all my grandparents are resting in peace already...

i've been so used to packing things right before i leave my house since highschool until now... even if i am travelling/going on business trips/to work and also presentations... hahaha

i am a pure chinese... ^_^ you should learn some jap... its fun...

NO! you're definitely not malay... jsut that some malays nowadays look like chinese...

9 babysitters??? you must have gotten all the attentions... i had NONE...

Karena said...

[jon chu]
apa ni? kedekut betul! ):

what a super long comment! LOL!
err.. maggie goreng kosong with telur oni la! aiyoo..
jap? going to learn, sooooon! i ashamed of myself! =X

usws said...

I take 45 minutes (or longer) to shower if i do other 'stuff' in there (exercise, brush teeth, practice singing etc. LOL).

You don't try anything else? That's such a waste... there are so many kinds of mamak food that's just dying to jump into your mouth and satisfy you. Haha!

Why so many grandpa/mas and dads/mums? Uhh, more celebrations like that. I likey! I think..

Neither do i, i'll pack it just before i leave for school. End up late sometimes because of that but who cares? Bwahahaha!

Uhhh, no wonder you're so pwetty.. No no, no malay look at all. But still pwetty. Aahahah!


Karena said...

im loyal! tats y i oni eat roti telur n maggie goreng! LOL

most of the ppl said i look like malay.. dunno~ =X

Anonymous said...

so u r not malay then japanese or thai?