Wednesday, February 13, 2008


err.. I know it shouldn't be belated because Chinese new year haven't end yet!

Yeah, I lost 90% of my photos and left only 10% of the photos.. how sad! well, no matter what, I'll still update my blog with the 10% of photos.. (:

Must have for Chinese New Year:

mandarin oranges..

I personally love those small little mandarin oranges and it named wong dai gatt [皇帝桔]

yu sang [鱼生]

I like to lou sang [捞生] but I don't eat yu sang.. I only eat the biscuit.. =X

mahjong [麻將]

For your information, yours truly don't know how to play mahjong.. LOL!
but you can see and hear peoples playing it for the whole Chinese New Year!

fireworks! [烟花]

you can hear bi li ba la blom blom BOOM everywhere during the New Year eve..

pineapple tart [黄梨酥]

peoples, I love this the most! I can finish 1 box in a day! hohoho!

and lastly,

truck truck truckloads of angpao! [红包]

this is how good if you have 2 mommas, 2 daddies and 4 sides of families!
weee! no more RM2 angpao for this year! (:

this year is quite bored, though.. papa and his family came back to K.L. and he went out alone to meet his business friends most of the time! left stepmom, Crystal and me at home! Thanks God as I stayed there for only 4 days!

this year we had our reunion dinner [团圆饭] at uncle's house.. can you spot the Japanese? after staying in Malaysia for more than 70 years.. they're like Chinese now! speak Cantonese, eat Chinese foods and celebrate Chinese celebrations! It's quite cool to had 4 generations to had dinner together! my great grandfather is already 92 years old and my grandpa is 74 years old which means grandpa's born when my great grandpa is 18! whoah! O.O

Amber Cheow.. (:

I love being a gorgeous girl..

Crystal Cheow!

My beloved cousin, Alicia Loke left me and went back to Ipoh during the Chinese New Year! and most of my friends balik kampung! how bored! I'm so not going back to Thailand to celebrate my new year! well, I spent most of the time with Amber and Crystal! I did felt younger! (;


Berberboo said...

OMG SAYANG!!!! U GOT SO MANY ANGPOWS LE.... I SO JELES RIGHT NOW... HUHUHUHU... JEALOUSSSS!!! I GOT 5 NIA.... coz i didnt want to balik to my mum's hometown... sigh...

Joshua said...

only 10% of your photos ah... but then again.. i guess its enough la...

i love those 桔 that is peeled and left in fridge... the sweet and cooling taste in your mouth... YUMMY!!!

i love to lou sang and eat yu sang... afterall 70% of the stuff in it is crispy... but i can't eat the "yin sai"

i don't know mah jong either... always see them play aje...

too bad for me... no fireworks in my area... but i heard them la...

PINEAPPLE TARTS!!!! OMG... LOVE 'em... but there are more to those... chips! cookies! choco cakes / cookies! yum yum...

*jealous* so much anng poows... saya ada sikit aje... and the smallest amount is RM5... but the biggest is also a 100 only... *because i am working d... all give lesser*

WAH!!! i didn't teman you on the phone meh?? ish ish ish... you also don't wanna let me take you out... doink la you...

your grandad and greatgranddad... wow... 4 generations... quickly go create another generation la... then next year can have 5 gen having dinner at the table... 70 years in msia... they are probably already CHINESE...
*jealous of your jap blood*

why is it that amber looks PRETTIER than you??? DARN... better take her out! hahaha
and crystal is cuter than you...


you're great the way you're ya... smiles... cheers... and HUGGIES...

p/s: you don't need to feel younger... YOU ARE YOUNG

Karena said...

cheer babe! hmm.. 10 or 12 more years later, after i kahwin, i'll give u a big 1 okay? hahaha! (:

what wohh? tat time i really cant go out what.. duh! blame me pulak! apa ni? =.=''
WHAT? create 5th generations? no way! I'm oni 15 my dear! goshh!
and fyi, my mom's side is thai.. hahah! thats why i look like malay..

gosh! i noe amber's prettier than me n crystal is cuter than me! i noe i noe! ishhhhhhhh!

Joshua said...

but but... i've said... you DO NOT LOOOK LIKE MALAY!!!
ish ish ish!!!!!!!!!!!

but you're more beautiful than the both of them... you silly doink