Friday, February 22, 2008

Career Explorer Camp

hey people.. I went to a camp which organized by Petronas few days ago.. each school in Kuala Lumpur sent two students to the camp.. and yeah, I'm one of them.. (:

camp: Career Explorer Camp
date: 18th-2oth of February
location: 1st night, Petrosains, KLCC /2nd night, Akademi Laut M'sia, Malacca

1 night before the camp, I was damn nervous! why? because it was my 1st time leaving home without friends and family.. I'm going with one of my Malay guy classmate.. I scared that I can't wake up and blah blah blah.. you guys don't expect me to bring 3 alarms to the camp, right? LOL!

well, thanks God as I met my ex-schoolmate, Dashini and Laily over there.. yeah, Chinese, Malay and Indian.. 3 of us sticked together most of the time..



us.. (:

72 of us separated into 8 groups.. and 3 of us were in different groups! well, I'm in:

and this is my name tag..

well, firstly, of course we had all those opening ceremony and career talks.. during all the talks, I was quite sleepy, though.. didn't paid much attention.. and hey people! you know what? we had 5 meals a day! supper was included! and everything was free of charge! so everyone was eating non-stop! LOL!

science show about the liquid nitrogen..

paper tower game with my group members..

then, at night, we went to visited the platform.. we had to build our own platform in 2o minutes time! well.. no photo of my group's platform.. do you think I have the time to take photo? haha! I think la.. among all of the platforms.. my group's the best! most stable and completed! proudly said! (:

in the platform.. there's a guy walked by so I called him to posed.. he damn happy you know..

we had a chance to experienced the so called helicopter.. quite lame, though!

the so called helicopter..


after supper, it's around 1 something and it's time to SLEEP! and I'm proud of myself because I'm a girl! hohoho! why? because, girls can sleep in the camp but guys had to sleep on the floor with sleeping bags and blankets.. well, what do you guys expect la? we overnight in Petrosains not hotel okay?

I slept with Dashini, Laily and Sri Vitya.. her name remind me of Srivijaya.. you know? the history thingy.. you know what? we damn stupid.. we go and zip-kan the camp and we can't even breathe! LOL!

the next day, someone woke us up around 5.30am! damn early man! I can't wake up you know? I woke up at 6am! hohoho! I'm such a lazy bum bum!

after that, all of us walked to one of the mosque near KLCC.. yes people.. MOSQUE! the place where Muslim prays! we have to shower in the mosque! wat the fish, right? My 1st time ever shower in a mosque! err.. I mean the mosque's toilet.. common sense la! hahaha!

then, we had to waited for all the Muslims to pray and then we had to walked all the way back to KLCC.. >.<
and the clock showed 7.21am

srivijaya.. :P

after breakfast, we danced.. yeah, I know it's not good.. but, we had to do so!

next, it's time to had a proper visit to petrosains!

Ern Khai was posing!

then then then, hahaha! so many then(s) already! hohoho! then, we visited the platform, again!

I know, I'm random! :P

Jay D, the facilitator..

abang Kid, another facilitator.. he very the baik hati one!

the volunteer..

after that, it's time to head over to Akademi Laut Malaysia a.k.a. ALAM which located at Malacca..

in the bus


after the career talk, all of us had a chance to visited the marine control rooms and all.. damn cool weh!

the captain explaining to us..

at night, we had some games and activities..

designed group's tee shirt..

and we won our very 1st hamper..

the next day, and also our last day, all of us had to wear our group's tee which is extremely big size.. we had presentation, games, closing ceremony and graduation at the Petronas Pelapisan Melaka..

our group's presentation..

we went to visited the REAL platform before ciao back to Kuala Lumpur..

with Macalister Luke Zarsadias.. his name damn long.. -.-''

with Kak Suraya.. trust me, she's a Geologist!

with Laily

with abang Shaddam..

kah hoong took 2 minutes to took this photo.. -.-

last but not least,


anyway, thanks Petronas for everything! hohoho!

gosh, I start to miss everyone already larh! ):

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