Wednesday, February 6, 2008


these few days.. peoples still keep on talking about Edison Chen sex scandal photos.. some peoples forgive him.. some peoples put the blame on him.. as a fans of Edison, of course I have to support him.. =)

I saw all of the uncensored photos.. got Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheong, Bobo Chan, Yumiko Cheng and Joey Yung.. most of them are doing blowjob I know as a girl, it's quite rude to said so.. but who cares? I'm just telling the truth.. I kesian Cecilia the most.. I hope Nicholas Tze and his family would give her a chance since it happended before she married with Nicholas..

I seriously don't know why the asshoubastard wants to spread out the photos.. it's not fun at all, right? it's not like all the girls are his girlfriend.. and they had sex with another guy.. so he spread out all the photos to balas dendam.. all of them are innocent! they are victims! we have to respect them!! sonofthebeach!

well, at least Eddie got apologize.. here's the video:

The truth behind the story

well peoples.. Edison is not the one who spread out all the photos.. he's one of the victims.. 2 years ago, he called one of his close friend to sent his laptop to repair.. his laptop was very very rare.. after repair, those itchyhandbarbie go and open his files and they saw tonnes of sex videos and nude photos.. urm, about 1300 photos? they then copied all the videos and photos.. the so called close friend of Edison didn't stopped them.. he just called them not to spread out all the photos.. wat the fish, kan? It's like who the hell will keep all the photos and enjoy himself la? right?

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Anonymous said...

there were sex videos???
can wait 2 dwnload them.
thankz edison!!