Friday, March 14, 2008

[23rd of February, Saturday]

went to sing k with my bestest friends after class.. it's our 2nd cheong k session of the year!


I know she's going to kill me for putting this pic.. but this is the nicest among all la.. =X

no! EDC doesn't jealous at all! LOL!

[27th of February, Wednesday]

had PBSM duty for sukan tara from morning till afternoon! gosh! I'm an ah neh neh now!

we felt extremely excited when someone faint! hohoho!

stayed back till 6.30pm to train my cute little juniors for marching on sport day.. I did the same thing on Thursday and Friday.. and now I'm an super super super ah neh neh!

ah neh neh take 1~

sketcher is the best 'bed' to sleep on!

had lunch with tan tan during our 2 hours break.. gosh! she looks cute here! (:

and I had this twice a day in school! >.<

after school, as usual, tan tan came over my place and we played masak masak! LOL!

but this time we had lychee for dessert.. x)


SimpleJoshua said...

selalu cheong k without me... (:

you're ah neh neh??? come on... if you're... you're probably best looking one around...
always masak masak but didn't show what you masak also...

F.R.E.D.Y said...

felt extremely excited when someone faint??

wah u are so evil!! lolx.. evil duckie! lolx..

That's One Law said...

U tell back your 2-3 weeks ago story to us. Not fresh story at all....kaka.

Tan tan face really like eggy lo, blur!

Karena said...

duh.. im the 1 hu hold the camera la. how to take pic of myself? duh! -.-'

hahah.. pbsm wat.. if not nth to do, very sien 1.. =P

[that's one law]
noone gives a damn rite? and i was damn lazy to update my blog.. lol.