Sunday, March 16, 2008

[8th of March, Saturday]

election day a.k.a. the unluckiest day in my life?

Amanda promised to teman me to banks after tuition.. but she fong fei kei.. so I asked pon pon to teman me.. that's so sweet of her! (:

I've three banks to go.. CIMB, RHB and Hong Leong..

11.15am- met up with pon pon at Subash

11.30am- take cab to Wisma Indah

the most fugging part was.. they closed the machine because it was public holiday! wat the fish! does election day consider as a holiday? FUG!

11.45am- waited at the roadside and tried to stop a taxi

12.30pm- >20 taxis passed.. none of the them stop!

pon pon sms-ing amanda to help us!

after standing under the rain for 45 minutes.. finally, a kind chinese taxi driver agreed to fetch us! omg! that's so kind of him! he said he's willing to fetch us because we are pretty and it's very dangerous for us to stand at the roadside! omg! thanks uncle! (:

1.05pm- take LRT to kelana jaya station to met up with someone and get 'stuff' from her..

bumped into one of my formal senior.. I know she looks younger than me larh.. -__-''

2.30am- we're late for tuition! class starts at 2!

although we're late, but, I still got the time to buy onion rings from Burger King! lol!

3.01pm- reach Subash.. totally late for 1 hour! had biology class for only 14 minutes! =X

my school which located opposite of my house was one of the school for voting.. gosh! they made the road jam!

by the way pon2,
thanks for teman-ing me for the whole day!
love u! (:

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