Thursday, March 27, 2008

daddy lee called me early in the morning.. thanks God as that day I woke up early.. if not nobody teman him.. haha.. he asked me to accompany him to buy birthday present for his mom.. but at last, he buy nothing.. I'm the only one who bought stuffs.. got daddykins and mommykins's in advance birthday presents which made me broke! lol.

had lunch at Dragon-i.. thanks daddy lee for the lunch.. and also the movie! (: you better learn how to eat soup dumplings next time! hahaha..

his poem in his school magazine.. fuyoh, first love! hehe!

back to py's house after that.. her house is the best place to escape and hide! and also... FART! hahahah! I'm not joking! :P

in her room..

well, I actually did attended to Colbie Cailat's concert.. it's quite last minute, though. Julien a.k.a. my bitch called me at 7pm and she only gave me 20 minutes to prepared! well, at last Daniel came over and fetched me.. thanks Daniel! (:

stole the pic from Josh's blog..

Joshua text me and he said he was standing beside me! sorry weh.. I can't spot you.. =X he said firstly he wasn't sure.. well, he recognized my silver bangle on my right hand.. DUH! he's the 2nd human being on Earth who recognized me with my bangle! the 1st one was kelvin liew yung siang! apalah you guys! -______-''

taken by Daniel, the oh-kononnya-superfan of Colbie

headed to McD at Bukit Bintang after that.. Juu and Jeff went back earlier as my bitch doesn't wants to give Jeff's mommy bad impression.. fuyohh! :P

i love you bitch! (:

but he loves you more! hohoho!

then, had my 1st ever shisha session with Zee Ying and Daniel at Lecka Lecka, Starhill. I know, it's not good. I'm a member of PROSTAR somemore! *cross finger*

I miss your laughters babe! (:

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