Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sport Day

1st of March

school stadium


okay.. I know it's a little bit too late to update bout the sport day.. hohoho!

normally yours truly won't attend to sport day.. but this year, she APPEARED! LOL! I had PBSM duty and I joined marching.. that's why larh.. -__-''

1st pic of the day with Ikmal..

spot me? I'm the soh poh with flag.. =X

my group members..

I'm the leader of group 1 a.k.a. the ending point.. well, most of the people cramp or faint when the reached the ending point.. we have to help help help! hahaha!

I'm so going to use this pic for my kerja amal thing.. x)

ah neh neh take 2!

after sport day, Lee Keong's mommy was kind enough the sent us to tuition.. although Lee Keong transfered to Technique school, but still, his mom came all the way to fetch us! so kind of her! thanks aunty for fetching and thanks Lee Keong for the treat! (:


ikmaledris said...

tanx for uploading those pic..

after a month!!.. heheheh

the sports day wuz fun!!

Karena said...

aiyo.. where got 1 month? -.-''