Friday, March 21, 2008

Tagged by Vity

001. Name: Karena Cheow Wei Wei
002. Nickname: truckloads weh! [krina, karina, kerana, karyn, kayrana, laima, tractor,wei square and etc]
003. Married: nope
004. Male or female: 99% female
005. High school: SMKSP
008. College: sabar larh..
010. Short or long hair: don't cha know that I just chop my hair off?
015. Are you a healthy freak: don't think so
016. Height: 169cm
017. Do you have a crush on someone: EDC! :P
018. Do you like yourself: nah, I love myself!
019. Piercings: 2 on the left and 3 on the right
021. Righty or lefty: not lefty

022. Surgery: 11 years ago?
023. Piercing: 4 years old?
024. Person you see in the morning: EDC! his posters la.. -__-''
025. Award: in kindergarden..
026. Sport you join: aquatic x)
027. Pet: puppy
028. Vacation: Vancouver I guess? that time I'm still 2 okay? =X
029. Concert: honestly, Michael Jackson's
030. Crush: my class monitor.. it's on standard 5 if I'm not mistaken..

049. Eat: foods -__-
050. Drink: water, milk and celery+apple juice everyday!
052. I'm about to: sleep
058. Want kids: yup! I want twins!
059. Want to get married: Not really
060. Careers in mind: oh-that-is-my-secret
068. Lips or eyes: Eyes
069. Hugs or kisses: Both
070. Shorter or taller: Taller
072. Romantic or spontaneous: Both?
074. Sensitive or loud: quite sensitive and VERY loud
075. Trouble maker or hesitant: No idea
078. Kissed a stranger: nope
079. Drank bubbles: TER-drank
080. Lost glasses/contacts: never
081. Ran away from home: NEVER
082. Liked someone younger: nope
083. Liked someone older: yup
084. Broken someone's heart: hmmmm
085. Been arrested: Never
087. Cried when someone died: yeah.. even the people in drama.. =X

Do you believe in..
089. Yourself: YUP!
090. Miracles: not really
092. Heaven: yes! hallelujah!
093. Santa Claus: nope..
095. Magics: ok larh..
096. Angels: ok ok larh..

Answer Truthfully..
097. Is there one person you want to be right now: Y E S!
099. Do you believe in God: Yes!

100.Tag 5 people: Ikmal, Dickson, Brian, Sook Foon, Victor Liew

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UncleJosh said...

where is that again ah?
you've broken dozens of heart la ... k?

wondering who's that one you want to be with... it better not be EDC