Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TBC Gathering

reached py's house at 7 in the morning.. damn early I know.. haha.. bitching around with her n pon pon before we went out to met helmet and tey tey..

us.. (:

went to sg. wang to get something special for vity's in advance birthday.. yeah! she came back to KL for a few days! miss her truckloads man! we bought a key chain for her with 'Wei2, Mich & Vity Lao Po 4eva' wordings.. sweet kan? heheheh..

went to Neway after that.. we celebrated Kah Mun's in advance birthday, too.. the stingy me only gave her Ferrero Rocher chocolate as her birthday present.. heheh! sorry weh.. :P

happy 16th Kukumalu! (:

helmet, tey2, py & pon pon

my one and only daughter, vity.. (:

pon2 and me bought some random wordings tee.. haha! she asked her mom's permission before she bought the 'underwear' top.. gosh! what a good girl!

no bra no bra.. LOL

lunch time:

nowadays punyer teenagers.. triple sighs! -__-''

the twins a.k.a. the yin yang

taken by the oh-so-teruk punyer photographer.. LOL

four of us used to be in the same school bitching around everyday.. but now, four of us changed to different school.. what a waste, people! :P

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