Wednesday, April 30, 2008

6 updates in 1 post:

okay.. just wanna make it short.. as you guys know, I'm lazy and busy kan? haha..

[Yus's brother's wedding @ her place]

Yus is one of my friend I met from PROGRES.. she invited some of us to attended her bro's wedding.. haha.. it's my first time attending Malay's wedding, though.. and I left my bunga telur in Aphichat's bag.. -.-''

Ain, Akmal, Aphichat and me..

[Public Speaking 1 day Course @ SMKSP's Music Room]

Sir Au Young invited his friend a.k.a. the lecturer from don't know University Malaya or University Tunku Abdul Rahman to gave us an instant public speaking course.. all the form 6 students and 3 of us from form 4 were asked to attend this course..

the CIMB- the Chinese, Indian and Malay bitches.. LOL

okay.. the lecturer is 6 feet tall.. -.-''

[Dinner with Papa's Side Family Members @ don't know where]

just a typical dinner with them.. nothing much happen, though.. but well, at least I got to met Alicia and Amber.. (:

with my one and only Alicia Loke.. (:

[Bitching Around @ My place]

like seriously.. I forgot all the date! don't come and complain ya! hehehe! it's just an after school little gathering at my place.. hahaha.. Pei Pei was there, too. (:

Ikmal, me and Tan Tan


okay.. my school is the only school in KL which chosen as Sekolah Angkat KPM-INTEL.. don't know what the hell is that, right? hahaha.. let me explain to you, then.

Now our form 3 students are using palmtop to study.. you know, each of them own a palmtop and they get to study in the air-cond room.. how unfair!


he appears too much in my blog!

will update more if I have the time and the mood.. lol

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