Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Belated birthday dedication:

~~!! Sook Foon's @ 2nd of April !!~~

I'm so sorry, babe. As I didn't get to wish you in school. and sorry for the super late birthday post.. well, although you and me are not as close as you and yean yean, but seriously, I'm glad to have you as my friend.. hmm.. you look so cool but hey, you're actually so sweet! get your license soon k? so that we can hang out together and next year we must celebrate your 18th birthday! hehe.. hope you'll like the shade!


~~!! Patrick's @ 29th of February !!~~

I know! now is already April but I haven't do a birthday post for you! I'm so so so so so sorry, dude! I tell myself no matter what, I have to do it for you! because your birthday drop on the 29th of February and you can only celebrate four years once! and hey, you're finally older than me! haha! but no matter what, jeh still loves you k? :P


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joshuaongys said...

17th... 16th... i'm OLD... =(