Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hey darlings! Karena Cheow Wei Wei is updating her blog! LOL! finally~~~ :P

for your info, I went to 5 camps in 3 months time.. sounds crazy, huhh? hahaha. I sacrificed a lot weh.. well well well, let me list out, okay?

  • I missed a lot of school lessons.
  • I've truckloads of homeworks and stuffs to catch up.
  • I became lazier and lazier and lazieeeeer.
  • I didn't online for a few days.
  • I couldn't king gai on the phone a.k.a. bou zok with my babykins.
  • My daddylee and TBC members worried bout me.
  • My love one missed me like hell.
  • I missed my love one like hell.
  • My computer missed me like hell.
  • My bed missed me like hell.
  • My TV missed me like hell.
  • Okay, enough of hell. hmm. don't know what the hell to say already. LOL!

hohoho! I'm random~ bla bla bla bla bla~

and well, let me list out the camp that I attended in this 3 months..

  • Career Explorer Camp by Petronas @ KLCC and Melacca
  • Program Gerak Sedar Bersepadu (PROGRES) by Jabatan Pelajaran @ Melacca
  • Kem Motivasi Kepimpinan by CIMB Bank @ Bangi
  • Latihan Pemilihan Perkhemahan KRS & NGO Peringat Kebangsaan by Jabatan Pelajaran @ Pusat Koko, KL
  • Perkhemahan KRS & NGO Peringat Kebangsaan @ Melacca

the last one was the bestest camp ever! I was chosen to represent KL and you know what, I met a lot of friends from the whole Malaysia and also Indonesia. Great experience, though. But the suckest parts were we had to stayed and showered in the jungle for 6 days! omfg, right? My first time leaving home without parents or friends for so long weh.. and also my first time ahem kononnya being independent a bit.. hahaha!

some photos of PROGRES, the 2nd camp :

Swee Teng and me. our very 1st time wearing tudung.. =P

and I collected people's name tag.. damn lame I know.. -.-''

with Randy and the primary school kids..

I'm the only Chinese in my group.. :/

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