Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm still alive!


hahaha! well, sorry larh people. I'm fugging busy and lazy.. 5 camps in 3 months time! well, that's crazeeeee okay??!! I'm super super tanned now! even the taxi drivers and some annoymous thought I'm Malay and spoke Malay to me. what the fish man!

Arghh! Mid year exam is around the corner and I've truckloads of stuffs to catch up! see!! hahaha. but seriously, I've truckloads of stuffs to update larh.. H O W ? I think I need to hire someone to update my blog.. do drop me a message or mail me if you're interested! LOL!

I'll try my best to update k? love you guys banyak banyak! muacksssssss! (:


joshuaongys said...

lolx cakap melayu pulak sebab u macam org melayu?? okok.. so u mau bagi berapa untuk org update lu punya blog?? kalau fees cukup i boleh consider buat hahhaa

FengY said...

ooo, haven't die yet ah, still alive :D hahaha. Hire a 13yr old to do it. Pay peanuts :P

Karena said...

100 rupiah! HAHAHAH! and well, muka i memang macam org melayu.. sad case! ):

uh huhh? y 13? o.O

UncleJosh said...

can i can i? can i apply? hahaha

glad to see that you're still around... like your picture heaps

Anonymous said...

ur chinese or japanese or thai?
i just love reading ur blogs thts why i feel curious when u said tht ppl r always mistaken u as malay

Karena said...

u wan to apply meh? no need la.. i wont pay u! lol.. u owe me truckload of stuffs man!

hahaha.. im from heritage of japanese and thai.. hmm.. consider myself as a chinese laa.. so yup.. (: im tanned tats y ppl tot im malay loo.. hohoho!