Tuesday, May 13, 2008

[10th of May, Saturday]

supposed to study at home but I've something more important to do.
I gotta accompany my babe!
well it's very very last minute, though.
I only used 5 minutes to get ready and rushed out.
Honestly, I'm freaking worried bout her.
I don't know what the bastard will do to her.

I didn't expect that bastard will did that to her.
fug him!
how dare he did that to my babe?
son of the bitch!
I curse your goat, curse your pig, curse your chicken, curse your cow, curse your fish!

no matter what happen, I'll be there for you! always!
be tough, babe! (:

had dinner with her at The Apartment after that.
she came all the way back to The Curve again although her mom just sent her home.
I love you, bitch!

and she thinks that the black man is cute! LOL!

after exam we must hang out together as what we planned k? (:

♥ loves!


joshuaongys said...

hmmm wat happen to ur fren??? hope she's fine...

ZeeeeeYin said...

ehy i tot u think the black man is cute aso =p