Monday, May 5, 2008

4 Birthday Dedications in 1 post:

~~!! Rachel Tey Mei Yee on 5th of May !!~~

Tey Tey! you're the one who call me tractor, laima and hao sui poh. You always complain that when I talk, my hao sui pan lei pan hui, when I laugh, my mouth open tooooooo BIG. haha! Honestly, among all of the people in TBC, both of us argued the most! because of some small silly things, we didn't talk for a few days. And yeah, every time I also sei ngoi min 1. You're always the one who come and say sorry and give me a warm hug! I'm so sorry for my manja-ness. The most memorable moment was, the day me and pon pon got into trouble. I cried. You came to me and told me it's okay, no matter what, you'll be there for me and we're still best friends and you gave me the warmest hug ever!

Thanks for everything, Rachel!

Though we are in different school now, but our friendship will never change! I'm still the laima and you're still the Tey Tey! (:

we laugh for nothing

we slept together and I slept 3/4 of the bed

we maintain our randomness.

HAPPY SWEETESSST 16th Birthday, Tey Tey! (:

~~!! Joseph Lee Kin Weng on 12th of April !!~~

Daddylee! You're the third daddy in my life! hahaha! My Papa, Stepdad and you! You're the youngest among all okay? be proud of it! :P Well, my daddylee, the guy with patience and I'm the Miss Late! Thanks for waiting for me no matter how long I took to arrived! When I'm down, I'll throw all my rubbish to you.. You'll never halau me! And thanks a lot for all the advices included love advices larh. LOL! thanks for everything, dad! Lui Lui loves you!

HAPPY 17th Birthday, Dyy! (:

~~!! Irwan Nazreen Bin Asroif on 4th of May !!~~

omg dude! you're staying opposite of my house but I just realize that I tak pernah ambik gambar dgn kau! omg weh! haha.. well, we know each other since form 1 but we weren't that close.. this year we are in the same class and we went to Petronas Camp together.. sorry for not layan-ing you during the camp! hehehe! And you're have the sexiest sister ever!


~~!! Wan Zulnashriq Bin Wan Shamshuddin !!~~

Nashriq! The guy who sits on my right side in the class and you always complain that I'm too loud in the class! shoooo! hahaha! And now you're the monitor of the class.. I'll talk even louder! ngehh! After exam we bitch around in the class okay? (:



Kawaii Pwincezz said...

lolx yay!~tot u forgot my birthday tim..yet u so sweet write me a bloggie pulak..kla forgiven lolx..joking nia..thank u yea n hols dat time we must go gai gai ok ok??take k wor
taaa love yaaaaaaaa tractor

Anonymous said...

wei wei .

u spell it wrong .

it's azroie .

not asroif .

he3 :p

- irwan ! -