Sunday, May 11, 2008

[7th of April, Monday]

okay.. I know it's outdated already.. but who cares weh? lol.

that day I went out to met Amber, my net friend from Kuching. omg she's so nice! nice hanging out with you, berber! Try your best to come on December k? love you! hoho!

kari and berber.. (:

[19th of April, Saturday]

we had the typical TBC gathering! we don't dare to ask Michelle out, though. Everyone knows exam is coming and her mom won't let her out. sorry babe! next time we hang out together k? (:

oh ya, Victor and Joseph were there, too.
Nah, of course they're not TBC.

2 years didn't met each other already!

[29th of April , Wednesday]

Our biology teacher went out for some arts competition and no relief teacher! gosh! we spent 2 periods of time bitching, shouting, screaming, gossiping and cam-whoring in the class! hoho!

where's your nerdy pic? *inside joke*

both of them tried to kiss me! lol.

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