Friday, May 23, 2008

Exam is over!

yup yup yup!
exam is finally over! :D
say YAYYY!

went to Midvalley with my classmates for lunch and get presents for teacher's day...
we spent 2 hours at Nando's chit-chatting and sharing our little secrets.. :P

Ikmal Edris, please stop kacau-ing me! :P

of randomness

headed to my bestie's house after that while waited for my mom to fetch me..
omg! damn lama never see each other already!
as usual, her dogs, fluffy can't stop barking when he sees me! -___-''

chit-chatting for a while then then then I TER-sleep.
sorry babe! I should have king gai with you since you're so fuggin confusing..

SORRY! holiday i will go to your house k? (:

spot her hello kitti! LOL!

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