Saturday, May 24, 2008

had lunch at TGI Friday, Pavilion with my one and only pon pon.

We didn't see each other for 3 weeks already!
because of the stupid exam larh! >.<

yours truly with the drinks which contained liquor. the waiter thought we're 18 and above?
he's the one who suggested us. LOL!

my twin! haha!

and we actually bumped into yee thong and friends.
they're celebrating yee thong's birthday!


I wasn't in as I'm the photographer lorh. haha!

the left and middle one are my primary schoolmates! she actually remember my full name!
and the right one is yee thong, the birthday girl a.k.a. my ex-tuition mate.

thanks for the cake! (:

then then then,
we went to *cough* cam-whored in the tooooooooilet.

we're actually wearing the same skinnies! same brand, same colour and same size!

and we're actually wearing polka dots top? coincident lorh..

then then then then then,
we cam-whored at Baskin Robbins..
outside there got a HUGE mirror with seats right?
there lo!

of randomness! lol I'm Karena Cheow Wei Wei k? that's why.... LOL

met up with Pui Yan and watched 'Indiana Jones'..
not bad weh that movie!
Michelle likes the crystal skull. lol
babe do you want it for your birthday?

headed to shisha session after that..
joined the malay gang and made a lot of new friends.
but please STOP KACAU-ING me larh!

pon pon

pui yan

us! (:

pon pon and pui yan left us and went to their friend's party around 8.30..

thanks Erwin for walking me to the taxi stand! (:

last but not least,

nice hanging out with you guys! (:


That's One Law said...

You when for the shisha? That's means you smoke? It's consider cigarette! Not good for health!

Karena said...

[that's one law]
i noe wat im doing la kien wei.. dun worried! thanks for concerning anyway! (: