Monday, May 26, 2008

holiday is boring..
so I decided to bake something for my bestie ..
2 in the morning..

ya that time I was facing my com and doing nothing..
so I went into the kitchen and start..........

it's orange flavour! (:

in the morning,
headed to Pavilion for movie and he passed me something..
bla bla bla~

of sorry card and P/S I love you?

I've no idea about what you want la.. hmmmm.

met my besties at TS as Rachel told me they will be there..
I appeared without their knowledge..
sorry for kacau-ing you guys larh! :P

for you, the belated birthday girl..

and thanks Rach and Manda for passing the muffins to Kai..
I was tooo shy to do so!
glad that he likes it! (:


-Randy- said...

Kai=your crush?

ivn said...

wow you can bake!? i've underestimated you gurl XP

That's One Law said...

Wow! Nice angle when you take your muffin! Look's nice too. Why I don't get one? I want some! Btw nice quality picture. You using sony camera? T10?

Karena said...

hhaha.. no la.. (:

oiiii! wat la u! i yap tak chu fong chut tak tenk tong k? :P

[that's one law]
haha.. u like muffins, too? see la next time got chance onot k?
ya im using t100.. (: