Tuesday, May 27, 2008

in the morning,
went to py's house which is 500m from my place to met pon pon..
we went to Curve but py can't join us..
as she has something better to do.

1 pic before leaving..

headed to The Curve after that..
Zying called up and said wanna join us.
so we went to makan at The Apartment, again.
it's not like we like the food or what laa..
just that we like the environment.. (:

don't know what bling, sex on the beach, sky juice

I had chicken in bag and pon2 had the don't know what fish with cheese..
hers very jeng weh..

I lai ki this pic! (:

this pic is so gossip girl-ish.

us. I hate my left face.. -__-''

after that we continued our cam-whored session in front of a huge mirror..
but I still prefer Pavilion's, though..

zee yin with her fav ultraman pose and pon pon pulling my hair. lol.

I lai ki this pic also!

out of the sudden, Jessica 'pop out'! LOL!

Long Khong, the movie which sounds like longkang and lou gong? lol?

James, Kazzy, Wei Ming, Alex and his girl joined us..
we watched What Happens in Vegas.
that movie is awesome, people!
worth watching! (:

oh we headed to pool before the movie starts..
gosh! Jess looks damn yeng when she pooled!

James teaching Zying..

omg this pic looks wrong! hahahaha!


lol james!

zee yin


last my not least, my pon pon! (:


Falcon said...

cam whoring cam whoring...

but its oksince its the holidays...lol

UncleJosh said...

wow... heaps of fun eh... :) so jealous of you guys.... can go out and chill out on weekday afternoon...
missing my study life

UncleJosh said...

it's alright... need not say sorry because i guess you're so dear to me that i have forgiven you right on the spot after i got angry with you... >.<

there's a reason why you're in a separate list... (:

Dickson Fong said...

its foosball and not futsal :)

Karena said...

cam whoring is fun laa! hahah.. and we are gurls! tats y! =D

[uncle josh]
oo okay.. (:

Karena said...

oii changed d.. LOL! :P