Monday, May 12, 2008

omg people I fugging hate exam weh..
3 weeks of exam are crazee and I almost late to school EVERYDAY!
yes everyday! its either I reach at 7.20am sharp or 7.22am? wtf.
damn hopeless I know.. -__-''

okay its time to blog some outdated posts.. :P

hmm well, I went to Starbucks and Pavilion like crazy..
erm 2-3 times a week?
March and April are the suckest months ever!
As a 15 years old teenager, I spent more than 3k a month on shoppings and foods!
wtf right?
I know I damn bai gah larh..
I will try to change as I'm broke now!
omg holiday is cominggggggg!

My buddies form study groups but well, honestly larh, failed! haha!

Oh kononnya study group 1:

Manda ajak me out to study at my ''second home''.. we started with breakfast and chit-chatting.. but at last ended up watching Tattooist.. and I caused her skipped 1 lesson.. =/

we even bought donuts and ate in Starbucks.. no one halau. lalala~

I seriously planned to study but our mouth can't stop gossiping la.. what to do? lol.

Oh kononnya study group 2:

it's kinda last minute, though. Went to my 'second home' to study with Mei Yean and her friend Nashriq from VI. well, at least this time better. we did studied for a while then hor, ended up with shopping..


Yean Yean's mumbling something about Nashriq's princess..

well, that's a story but.... aiya lazy to tell la..

okay, cam-whoring is a must! (:

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