Friday, May 30, 2008

outing with siong koon a.k.a. the cacatboy..
thanks for the MCD and sorry as I'm lated..

headed to Times bookstore after breakfast to checked out some books..
and I finally used my welcome voucher!
20% discounts and tolak rm3!

mike mike michael jacksooooooooon?! O.O

kawan baik saya sedang membaca. lol.

hujan.. and this pic reminds me of thoo kok yoong! hohoho!

bumped into chia sing during lunch..
she's with her friend! *cough*

we have the sameee chin! lol. we're wearing braces larh. LOL.

lunch (:

the amount of ices of the drink. -____-''

these books caused me broke! >.<


Nicholas-Y said...

no way you are 16...=)

UncleJosh said...

recipe books~!

you had better cook something up for me to try~!
i know where you stay~!

Karena said...

erm.. im 15++.. turning 16 on december.. LOL!

*cough* tat day shudnt have called u to send me home! >.<