Saturday, May 31, 2008

went to Pavilion, again.
but this time went with Leong Zee Yin and Julien Lim Zhen Wei
well, I just love to call people's full name.

juu and me took pic in front of an ass a S.
uh huh? o.O

neh.. the ass S

headed to shisha session, again.
and we actually booked the whole lecka-lecka.
believe or not? :P

but well, this time I'm the good girl.
they're the bad girls!

this babe of mine will be the one who mati 1st.. LOL

julien lim zhen wei & karena cheow wei wei

I my bitches.

we crap most of the time but bitch all the time.

we love to act. heheh!

zying ciao at 5 something to attend some don't know what course.
then juu ciao at 6 something..

she took train back and I was so worried..
I called called called for 2 hours tapi tak dapat..
when she reached home, she told me that her phone run out of battery.
and she received 124 panggilan rindu from me?

that means I called her for 124 times!


-_________________- ""

see how much your bitch worried and loves you weh! heh!

yours truly. (:

To juu:

we should hang out more! I love bitching around with you weh! nice king gai-ing with you! (:

To Zying:

next time we go hartamas and try the ice 1 okay? will be missing you for one whole week babe! enjoy your trip! (:


Nicholas-Y said...

zee yin is hot!!

UncleJosh said...

oh yes... it was me just now... :P

Karena said...

she's taken la dude! stop flirting everywhere la kenny mah! lmao

uh huh? tak paham.. o.O