Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm back, people!
oh well,
yours truly was very busy and kinda lazy..
hmm you can actually terbalik-kan the position of busy and lazy..

was busy-ing with the bilik PPDa larh..
stayed back everyday man!
that's what happened when teacher told you there will be 40 schools coming to visit and you're the one who in charge of the room..
bla bla bla~

the list of schools..

and my school was the tuan rumah for the karnival kesihatan remaja..
all of the ahli PROSTAR have to join the bengkel thingy..
I did attended to school but I skipped the bengkel..
gotta watch Kung Fu Panda with cousins maa!

okay, this is interesting:

I only scored 350 marks which means I'm not good in catching sperm! LMAO!
Ming Ho scored 60000++ marks weh! GOSH!

2 more posts coming up! (:


Kenny Choo said...

Lol sperm catching games... never knew they allowed such obscene games in "Sekolah Menengah" Haha :P

Karena said...

[kenny choo]
omg la u.. hahah.. i still remember tat time u asked me bout which 'sekolah menengah' im from! LOL!

well bout the sperm catching games.. the kerajaan buat 1.. LOL!

Charles Key said...

u see la, u're not good at catching sperm...I told u I rmbered tht I used condom, but u say no...see la, I use d, jz u dunno how to catch...LOL

aiyak, but good also la, now tht I can sell our baby to chow kit, can add income also...hahaha

Karena said...

[charles key]
dun complain soooo much la! how come ur cbox hilang edi geh?

Charles Key said...

Got spammer come my blog kacau again, so I ma remove the cbox lor... it'll be back again after 1-2 week la.

That's One Law said...

Hei! You better post me more picture leh! I have been waiting for so long but you just post this few pics...cheh!

Karena said...

[charles key]
i miss ur cbox la lou gong! :D

[that's one law]
lazy la.. well blogger is slow when upload gambar.. hahah.. if u wan gambar den find me in msn la! (: