Friday, June 27, 2008


my tuition tutor is also a film director, actor, producer and designer.
I'm not kidding!
went to watched his movie, The Pencil with Ikmal at Pavilion..

he owns a tuition centre named Genius Parade..
and he teaches me Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Add maths!
he's a science pro and a great teacher!

because of him I love Bio! :D

but he didn't admit that he's a tuition teacher..


oh by the way, it's very obvious that he photoshopped his pic..
he's not that fair la! hahah!


before the movie,
went to makan lunch at Planet Hollywood because I'm craving for pizza..
I've no idea why I prefer their pizza..

thanks the waiter and waitress for not halau-ing us! :P

I kesian Mr. Subash because when we stepped into the hall......

okay it's a Monday.. *cough*

he acted as a handicapped boy man child in the movie..
and his nick name is '' si gelap cacat'' ?

well, overall the movie not bad la..
kinda touching..
but very the 艺术..
have to be very sabar to watch this movie..
almost 2 hours.. =/

I suka this gambar! :D

oh by the way, I stopped tuition with Subash.
urbanscapes anyone? (:


Kenny Choo said...

Urbanscape. Me me me! lol the super gay Subash! OMGness... he even been to Bollywood. Faster tell me how's the movie.

Alice Teh said...

Adik Karena, so cool to have a teacher like that. :D

Karena said...

[kenny choo]
u'r his ex student oso wert! better support him weh! lol

[alice teh]
haha.. cool kan? :D