Saturday, June 21, 2008

[Merentas Desa, 20th of June, Friday]

it's SMKSP's merentas desa day..
normally I will skip school..
but this time I've to duty..

what to do?
I semangat PBSM ma!

the people who attended!

run people RUN!

oh by the way,
it's quite sad when you get to know that you have to duty beside a big longkang.


you know,
when a bunch of people who wear white top and white pants stand at the roadside,
all the uncle auntie ah pek ah poh mak cik pak cik abang kakak will stare at them!

my group

kerja amal

and this kawan baik saya finally choi me back! :D


Shiveeleaves said...

walao,merentas desa.
that's about 3 years ago history for me. :P

Kenny Choo said...

oh budak kecik join PBSM...wahaha

Karena said...

miss merentas desa? haha next year i invite u to my sku n run la! hahaha!

[kenny choo]
oi apa budak kecik? hmmp! >.<