Thursday, June 26, 2008

omg people!
I'm so busy with the National Day training..
and I'm sooo ah neh neh already!

and now you guys can call me Kareena Kapoor.
tak faham?
google looo.. :D

Lim Zhen Wei! see! I love u so much till I upload your pic again! lmao.

after the tea party..
headed to Pyramid to meet :

the lovebirds..

after chilling at Naeb,
headed to The Curve..
Empress Cafe is our 3rd home..
Boss Saiful is cool and nice! :D

I heart her! (:

friday is hari bicara akademik and noooo training!


Alice Teh said...

You young energetic people. LOL. Adik Karena Kapoor apa khabar? Muhahaha.

Shiveeleaves said...

Kareena Kapoor only ma.
still not until african type.boleh tahan la

Kenny Choo said...

Tan is the new black! haha it's hot don't worry...

Karena said...

[alice teh]
hahah kak alice! khabar baik! (:

lol kareena kapoor ONLY ma? -__-

[kenny choo]
the new black pulak.. ish!