Thursday, June 19, 2008

[Outing @ Look Out Point, 16th of June]

so the day started like this,
went home to mandi after school and waited for Sandra..
bumped into Ikmal Edris and Irwan Nazreen outside Vista and...
we cam-whored at the road side!

my sibeh lala classmate posing with my shade..

met Andrew Wong Cheng Fai, Ho Beng Han, Rachel, Gary, Simon, Grace and Gideon!
okay I love to call people's full name..
don't blame me!

what we did at Sandra's place?
we played TABOOOOOOO!

it's damn fun okayy?
can't stop laughing!

Gary and Andrew

me and Sandra

after that,
9 of us headed to Gasoline, look out point for dinner..
Smashpop joined us..
so altogether 10 orang!
woooots! :D

spot abang Simon punyer watermark! :P

with Sandra Pixie.. (:

with abang Simon..
we know you love ladybird! :D

karena & smashpop = karipop

I've no idea why karipop tiba-tiba 'pop' out from my brain! lmao!
we know you love ''empat play'' and you owe me 2 cheesecakes and a blowww!

with Jason and Gideon..
Andrew and 3 of us are going to form a band -- Four Piece!
without the S please!

Sandra & Rachel.. (:

you know what?
we're addicted to Taboo already!
we even played it after dinner!
we laughed and laughed like nobody business and semua orang looked at us!

kita semua were concentrating and guessing the word!

last but not least:

oops my head is too big! sorry abang Simon! :P

Nice hanging out with you guys weh!
you guys rocks! (:

p/s: thanks Beng Han, Abang Simon and Smashpop for the pic! (:


Johnny Ong said...

taboo is a fav game amongst my frens too

Karena said...

[johnny ong]
really? haha.. i love it! :D

Alice Teh said...

Waaaaah... I see Rachel here. Please tell her Alice Teh says HI! :D

Karena said...

[alice teh]
aww u noe her too? she's sweet and nice! hehehe! (: