Monday, June 9, 2008

Roxy Summer Splash

summer splash sux!
agree with me, people?

Kelvin and me sardine for 1 hour + only can got in..
wtf kan?

KSCB's people! you guys rocks! (:

me, Sherry, Ren and Yen.

with babe Sherry..

with Joshua Lee Wai Ming! haha.
thanks for sending me sini and sana! (:

with babe Steph..

I felt bored and ciao to Pyramid to met Melvin..
thanks Daniel's friend for teman-ing me! (:

joined Ah Beng and friends at A&W!
first time meeting up with Beng Han!

and nice meeting Simon, Sandra, Rachel and Smashpop.
don't bully siu mui mui anymore, okay? :P

the 15 years old girl and 25 years old guy! :P

joined Bryant Koh Tien Wei a.k.a. the dancing wood.
went to mandi-manda at Sunway Resort's swimming pool.

I'm not wet!

he's pregnant! o.O

with Amanda and Kar Yee.

Dickie Dickie Dickson Fong! :P

after that I ciao to met up with Joshua, Ryan and Sherry again.
Once again, thanks for sending me sini and sana weh! (:
and I ma fan you guys a lot lorh!
omg! >.<

headed to The Curve to met up with Leong Zee Ying a.k.a my bitch!
I miss her fugging much lorh!
she just came back from China..
1 freaking week never bitch with her already!!

me, Zikri and my bitch

well, that 2 guys next table one lorh..
they joined us randomly.. LOL

I know you miss shisha me! :P


HH said...

wahhh soo many leng chai and leng lui back to 60s... with big big specs... keke..

Simon Seow said...

Hi. Nice meeting you. You're only 15?

Karena said...

hahah.. nowdays lotsa ppl wear big big shade lorh! hahaha

[simon seow]
hey, nice to meet u too. im 15+ LOL

joshuaongys said...

i saw you, and you din!! haha

Karena said...

u laaaa! shud have shout out my name ma! LOL