Wednesday, June 11, 2008

today is a check gigi day..
I will only allow my dentist to checks my teeth.

I wonder why were they so scared while waiting for their turn..

our Civic teacher having cuti bersalin..
during the 2 periods of Civic,
we cam-whored, played kejar-kejar and bergossip in the class.
damn childish I know..

Ikmal Edris, please stop kacau-ing me! lol.

I have dimple on my left face!

and we recorded a super lame video:



joshuaongys said...

check gigi day... lolx dats like so far away from me haha

Karena said...

someone old edi! HAHAHHA!

Ken said...

waliao karena.. haha... u rili pro in introducing ur frens.. XD XD XD

Karena said...

lol omg la u!