Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I hate myself for always forgetting to put on sunblock before training..
now my skin colour unbalance already..

training with 3000 people from 37 different schools = crazy!

I've been eating durian for 19 days straight..
omg kan?
my stepdad's mommy has a durian tree behind her house..
and the tree produced 350 durians!

do you like durian? :D

I need more sleeping time! ):


joshuaongys said...

i wan durian!! gimme some k?? haha

Karena said...

no more edi loo~ haha.. u suka durian jugak ke? :P

joshuaongys said...

suka.. kenapa tak suka haha

Jeffro said...

No more?? Karena sapu all the durian by herself >.<

That's One Law said...

One tree produce 350 durian? Sure or not? Chui sui meh...

Randy Khoo said...

sure sunblock got any diff?
tanned is nice what...
no meh?

Shiveeleaves said...

ish,sapu all by yourself,the seed you also dont let go,how u makan it?

Alice Teh said...

Oooo... I just had durian on Friday kat friend's birthday party. Yumm... Long time didn't eat edi and that was my first durian after so many years...

Alice Teh said...

How are you, Karena mui?

I haven't been eating durian for so long edi but just last week, I makan a few at ex-colleague's steamboat birthday party. :)

Seizhin said...

Haha, it's the same here, but since I dont really go out in the sun nowdays, so I dont really need to use it.

:) Sure enough though, be sure not to forget the sunblock the next time you're going out in the sun!

ivn said...

heeey kari how are you? im really curious to see how unbalance are your skin colors XD drop me a msg in my blog ya? cya :)

Karena said...

we shud have held a durian party kan? LOL!

ya woh.. xD

[that's one law]
chui sui ur head.. tat tree damn big can? lol.

[randy khoo]
nice meh? but mine not nice woh.. ):

swt la u.. where got so kua cheong! lol

[alice teh]
kak alice! durian damn nice kan? :D

its tooooooo late.. >.<

no no no.. not going to show! HAHHA!