Friday, July 18, 2008

I know I know..
everyone is blogging or talking bout Dark Knight..
but I haven't blog bout Hancock yet..

so yeah,
I went to Nuffnang Hancock Screening at Cineleisure..

with Zoe..

group photo

in the hall..

they only have one exit?
and 3 or 4 halls ended their movies at the same time!

traffic jam.. LOL

with Chang Lih Ren and Zoe.. (:

abang ong owes me 100 mamaks! hahaha!

the movie wasn't that bad.
watched twice already..
and they purposely composed a cock song for the movie?

oh by the way,
there's another version of Handcock Hancock!

abang pop and me had nothing better to do! lmao!

To do list:
  1. 30 pages of Physics exercises
  2. Biology notes
  3. Kerja kursus Moral
  4. completekan Add Maths work
  5. watch The Dark Knight for 10 times?
  6. fix my computer
  7. apply sunblock before training starts
  8. click on the 'Publish Post' button NOW and DO MY WORK!


Alice Teh said...

Selamat maju jaya and semoga your to-do list boleh di-complete-kan. Ganbatte, adik Karena!

Jeffro said...

There was 2 exits.. the exit u took had the freebies giveaway.. and the exit i took, had none T_T

btw.. ppl watch hancock, not go remake the movie Handcock.. LOL!

Karena said...

[alice teh]
kak alice! hahah.. in the process! thanks! (:

lol.. which exit u took la? how come we dunno 1? >.<

well.. dun blame us. we're just creative! hehehe! :P

joshuaongys said...

100 mamaks!!! *run away and hide*

Karena said...

ish! promise is a promise! lol