Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm busy and I mean it..
test is coming and oh gosh, training everyday!
what to do?
Karena Cheow Wei Wei cinta akan negara..

oh by the way,
yours truly is going to performs on National Day!
damn cool kan?

I need you so much! (:

oh no matter how busy I am.. I will never stop cam-whoring! :D

will try my best to blog about the Nuffnang Hancock screening, Pavee's birthday celebration, Bon Odori and Cheer competition when I'm free!

*cough cough cough*


andrew said...

time for you to stop cam-whoring... seriously...

Anonymous said...

u look super hot in that pic....xoxo

Karena said...

haha.. no way mr wong! :P

hey thanks! (:

Alice Teh said...

Karena mui, if only I look half as good when I camho... Haha! No lar, better not. Me 30 years old edi still want to camho. LOL.

UncleJosh said...

haha... alice... don't worry... ^_^
i will accompany you camho....
but then again karena tak tau malu punya... :P

Alice Teh said...

OK, UncleJosh. You say one. I catch you to camho you don't run away. :P

Karena said...

[alice teh]
kak alice! sure sure sure! camho sama sama in front of the mirror! :D

[uncle josh]
oh well.. i memang tak tau malu 1.. :P