Thursday, July 10, 2008

last saturday,
13 of us went to visited aquaria at KLCC..
pon pon wanted to returned me something so she tagged along..
I miss her man! :D

group photo..
2 more missing.. why leh?

my one and only pon pon.. (:

cam-whoring in front of the mirror is damn fun..
girls favourite! :D
agree or disagree?

with pon pon.

with Sue and Kak Sandra.. (:

oh by the way..
guys like to ''cam-whore'' in front of the mirror, too.
tak percaya?

so now you guys can stop complaining! hehehe!

in aquaria:

damn adorable kan? I wanna bring him home weh! >.<

me, abang Simon and my pon pon.

I was laughing because there's a kid in front of abang pOp and I thought he will asks the kid to join us..
manatau he pushed him away..

I miss cam-whoring with her!

4 of us walked too fast and left 9 of them at the back..
so we waited for them outside aquaria..

oh by the way,
do you know that Mr. Jason Goh can pose?

I asked pon pon to take pic of me manatau abang pOp posed with his phone beside me..

look at his face! lmao!
he's so going to kill me for uploading this pic of him! hahaha!
punishment for owing me cheesecakes! :P

at last we took a proper one.. hehe!

we waited waited and waited..
finally 9 of them keluar..

what they did before leaving?

aquaria jump!

us walking to Burger King..

kak Sandra, abang Simon, me and pon pon.

with our new friend! :D

pon pon and ah kak Grace..

abang Gary and Wai Seng..

Ruth, kak Rachel and Gideon..

I suka this pic! :D

I'm off to training!


Kelvin Kuan said...

Hahaha...honestly...i've never been to the aquaria b4...haha..isit nice? looks nice though...ahhaa...yupe...camwhoring in front of the camera is fun....not only for girls...nowadays, it has became the hobby of guys...muhahaha

Alice Teh said...

I've enjoyed all the gambar-gambar, Karena mui. I haven't been to Aquaria wor even though I worked in KLCC for so many years... Now lagi kurang chance because working in PJ.

Have a good weekend!

Karena said...

[kelvin kuan]
i saw someone camwhoring in front of the mirror lo! haha.. tats u! hahaha.. well its normal la.. :D next time we camho sama sama k? :D

[alice teh]
haha kak alice.. next time we go visit zoo negara la! LOL!