Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Elephant

another outdated post..
forgive my laziness okay? :D

last sunday, went to makan Thai food at My Elephant, Session 17 PJ.
the food was nice but of course cant beat my grandma's cooking! :D

the people:

future ah sou and abang Simon.. (:

Kak Rachel and Kak Sandra..

Ah Beng and Abang Gary..

Mr. Wong!

what bloggers do when they go out?

flash here flash there


the food:

oh can you spot me?

green ''KARI'' chicken.. :D

the prawn was great.. (:

snow fish?

oh gambar session after makan is a must!

my eyes bigger than yours okay?! :P

this shot by Mr.Wong is damn nice! :D

last but not least:

kak Sandra and ah kak Grace off to Hatyai! will be missing you guys! :D

school training is crazeeee! >.<


ZeeeeeYin said...

it was prawn? i tot its ice kacang. Lol. when's our next hangout?

Karena said...

lol babe.. ice kacang got dragonfruit 1 meh? hahaha.. u plan la k? i miss u n juu wehh! lama tak hang out d! >.<