Thursday, July 3, 2008

Urbanscapes #1

28th of June, 2008
12pm -- 12am
KLPac (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre)

like finaaaaaaaaly, right?
forgive my laziness! :D

went to Urbanscapes with Kenny, Sue and Sasha.
thanks Kenny a.k.a Ah Choo for fetching me! (:

Main Foyer Entrance

when I first stepped into the main foyer,
the first thing that attracted me was:

puppet made out of polystyrene

damn yeng kan? I think it will looks yeng-er if they colour it.. (:

I actually rotated it because I think it looks better after rotated..

compilation of Malaysia Signs.

no kissing. no durian. no rambut perang.
damn cool lorh!

this one looks like the one in Levi's shop kan? neh the way they put the Tee on the wall..
kan kan kan?

KLPac's Resource Centre

wayang buku

this way up to Acoustic Livehouse and Cine Theatre

part of the mini indoor bazaar

KL Photo Exhibition by KLickr

this thing is damn cool and attract a lot of people to take gambar lorh..
but we only kenal a few poets/artists.. =/

'' har? why all exhibition 1?''

'' omg why so sien 1?''

chill la people.. I spent 10 hours there okay? more to come more to come! :D
few more posts coming up!

girls, you all should have know what is this right? :P

dua orang ni sedang buat ape?



Alice Teh said...

Adik Karena, very interesting! I want to see more pics. LOL.

That's One Law said...

I just read about this today at the newspaper about URBANSCAPES. How do you know all those event?

After I read it, I'm regrets that I didn't attend because I like acoustic performance.

Can you inform me next time if you know such event is going to held? I like music performance actually...


Karena said...

kak alice! update d.. sorry ya was lazy n busy! lol

[that's one law]
oh sure! next time will inform u! dun worried! :D