Friday, July 4, 2008

Urbanscapes #2

I know I know..
but I'm just lazy..

[p/s: don't bother. I'm just talking to myself! lol.. ]

well.. here you go, people! :D

that's me and Sasha! she rocks! and I love the colourful hat and windmill!
thanks Prakash for pinjam-ing me the hat! :D

other than exhibition, of course ada flea market!
especially for us, girls! (:

ah choo caught me shopping.. lol.

kinkybluefairy bought that kinky blue light home! LOL!

once again, LAPSAP rocks! :D

the necklace damn nice, can?

ah choo caught me shopping #2!


woots! I just simply love the colourful hat and windmill!

kevin and kah mun were there, too! (:

the 8TV guy who interviewed us is damn cute! hahaha!

with Shaz.. do you wanna know what was he holding? :P

with ah choo and Sasha..

Andy Andy!
omg he damn tall lorh! >.<

me [I'll never leave my windmill] , Sasha and Sue! (:

our gambar picnic! :D

we are random!
tak percaya?
judge it by yourself! :D

we are random #1:

yeah! that's what we did in the X pax box! :D

we are random #2:

haha! that's Sasha and me!
we screamed screamed screamed like nobody business!

we're the one who told others to run when hujan!

kenny went, ''wtf?!''


we are random #3:

the KL RandomActs!
for those who signed up for Flashmob will know what was happening! haha!
Sasha rocks man! :P

a lot of people snapped gambar of us! lmao!

oh David was there, too!
seeeee! I'm so ah neh neh already! >.<

with Joyce.. (:

I love them!
they caused me danced for few hours straight at the lakeside! :D

the Lawn Stage was damn packed!

yeah yeah yeah!
Urbanscapes rocks lorh!
highlight of the month! (:

the gift..
the dictionary is from Xfresh fm and can you spot the domdom? :P

Thanks Nuffnang and Ah Choo for the pass! :D

thanks Sasha, Sue and Prakash for the gambar! (:

mission completed and I'm eating durian!


Kenny Choo said...

Durian eating Indian girl, I'm not Ah Choo la I'm Kenny Choo

David Cheong said...


My face damn kao stoned there lol

ZeeeeeYin said...

u didnt bring me there. klpac is near my place.

Karena said...

[kenny choo]
lol.. no no no! u'r ah choo! i dun k! HAHAHAH!

[david cheong]
tat time u damn blur lo.. hahah.. next time ambik gambar agn lo k? (:

aww babe.. sorry weh.. coz my fren gave me the pass 1.. huggies!